VariO annotation tool VariOtator

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The VariO annotation tool VariOtator generates VariO annotations from provided information. This batch version of the tool will annotate variant descriptions with VariO terms for variation type. It accepts a tab-delimited text file only, and the header of the column with the coding DNA variant descriptions (e.g. "NM_003990.3:c.412A>G") should be "codingDNA" and the header of the (optional) column with protein descriptions (e.g. "p.Trp26Cys") should be "protein".

You can download stand-alone batch versions for use with LOVD download files, for Linux or Windows. These stand-alone batch versions were updated to version 1.4 on 2018-08-03.

A help file with instructions how to use the different VariOtator versions can be found here.

VariOtator batch interface

Please fill in the following fields for submitting your tab-delimited file (maximum 5 MB) with headers (see above) and variant descriptions:


Last updated: 2018-08-06 by Gerard Schaafsma.