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VariO is intended to be a community wide standard for variation effect description and annotation. We welcome feedback and suggestions from the community to make improvements.

We will constantly develop the ontology, and we are happy to receive suggestion on how to improve it.

Like any ontology, VariO contains three items for every term. There is the name of the term, which is descriptive, definition of the term and relation(s) of the term to other term(s). Please provide all this information, at least the name and the relations if you suggest additions.

We have tried to keep a balance between the depth and clarity of the terms. It is certainly possible to make even more fine-grained descriptions and terms for the consequences of variations, however, there may not be many known cases for these very detailed terms. Therefore we have aimed at being able to describe almost all consequences, effects and mechanism at least at some level.

The VariO ontology can be viewed using an ontology editor, such as OBO-Edit or the AmiVariO and downloaded in OBO, OWL and GO RDF-XML format.

Please send feedback by e-mail.

VariO, like all biological ontologies, can never be finished. The goal of the first version is to allow detailed and systematic description of variation effects in almost all cases. In the future as additional effects are identified of a need arises for more detailed description of included terms the ontology will be updated. We plan VariO to be constantly improved. Major new releases will be made in the future.