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The VariO annotation tool VariOtator generates VariO annotations from provided information. This page will help you to choose terms for annotating variation affecting type, function, structure and property. When generating VariO terms for structure or property, you will also be asked to choose attribute terms and terms from the Evidence Ontology ECO.

You can find a batch version of the tool (variation type annotation only) here.

The variation type annotation is also available through a SOAP webservice: an example of a Python client program using the suds library can be found here. A WSDL description is available for generation of client programs in many languages.

A help file with instructions how to use the different VariOtator versions can be found here.


Please select one of the following sublevels for annotating variation:
(new annotation will be added to previously annotation)

Tick this box if you want to have the full lineage
type function structure property
Annotation examples can be found here
Information about VariOtator updates can be found in the changelog
Reference: Schaafsma, GCP and Vihinen, M, 2016. VariOtator, a software tool for variation annotation with the Variation Ontology. Hum Mutat 37: 344-349 PUBMED
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